Donela Orange Nursery and Primary School was founded in 2008 by Bombo Pentecostal Church and her ministries. The School came to respond to the need of education in the community, to change the community by preparing people (children today) who shall transform the community and nation with a Godly education.
As a result, the school was started in 2008 with seven Pupils in Baby class. Today the school has grown from Baby class to Primary seven (P.7) having over 600 Pupils in enrollment and we pray that God will continue to grow us in enrollment, because the more children we have the greater the God-influence.
The school started in a simple one-room structure that served purpose for all the Nursery classes after a year of service. The school has grown over the years spreading to the towns of Wobulenzi and Kakooge. Donela Orange Nursery and Primary School – Bombo is the mother School.
Similarly, we have seen firsthand God expand the Primary School to High School Education, we run Donela High School as well to provide continuity of the vision, raising a Godly generation.

The school offers the following subjects as per the National Curriculum;
Science / Literacy II
SST / Literacy I
Christian Religious Education
CAPE 1(currently not taught)
CAPE 2 (currently not taught)
Sports and games
Considering a School choir.
Considering gardening especially Crop Husbandry

School Vision and Mission statement:

To Provide Godly, quality, and affordable education that will equip this generation to transform our community and the nation.

School objectives and core values:
a) Core values:
1. Christ centeredness
2. Love
3. Faithfulness
4. Devotion
5. Humility
6. Respect
7. Excellence

b) Objectives
1. To provide Godly moral values in the community
2. To support the disadvantaged in acquiring quality education
3. To equip a generation that can transform the community

School location:

The School is located in Bombo Town Council, 21 Miles North of Kampala City. Situated on Plot _ Kinyo Road, opposite the Bombo Army play grounds.

School Admission:

Donela Orange Nursery and Primary School is a born-again Christian founded School that admits pupils of all religious affiliations and tribes; the school’s admission is open to all.


Donela Orange Nursery and Primary school admits both Female and Male pupils, the School today has a total enrollment of over 600 pupils from Nursery to Primary School.

School Uniform:

Boys at all levels put-on a blue short and an orange Shirt

And girls put-on a blue dress and an orange color

School motto:  Raising a Godly Generation”