bannerLife With Hope is a program for families struggling with the devastating effects of AIDS. As our staff spends time visiting needy families personally, we make decisions about who we believe cannot keep surviving without intervention – and those are the people we choose to begin pooling our resources to help. First, we find clothing and food here through donations locally (and our own closets) to tide them by. But, secondly, we make their needs known in order to get them sponsored through Align Ministries.

Sponsorships and funds donated through Align are first used to provide food and basic necessities for families that are either being affected by AIDS, or experiencing extreme poverty that they cannot lift themselves out of. If they are not in school, or we feel the situation needs it, we take their children in for schooling at no cost, and their stories are reported to Align, who seeks to find not only sponsors to provide for the family’s food costs ($30/mo), but for the children’s tuition fees for the term ($50 for the first term, and $25 for consecutive terms).