The Bombo Medical Mission was conceived in the heart of Pastor Alex Ojera of Bombo Pentecostal Church, and made a reality with the help of Align Ministries and Peninsula Community Church.  When asked what He felt would be of help to the church in Bombo, Pastor Alex responded by requesting for people with skills they can offer to come and utilize them to help a hurting community.  He pointed out that people with medical skills could give of themselves to help deal with the sicknesses and diseases that viciously invade and devour our community.  Thus, the Medical Mission was born, with Align Ministries making a major connection to Peninsula Community Church who came behind us wholeheartedly.  The local community works tirelessly and sacrificially too as church members,  many local volunteers, and local medical personnel give amazingly of their time, efforts, and resources to make the Mission a success.

The selfless, sacrificial, and loving services volunteered offer much needed medical treatment to an underprivileged community.   The Bombo community in Uganda, East Africa awaits this opportunity with eager anticipation.  August 2011 was the fourth year this annual activity took place.  The mission saw 1,500, 2,600, and 3,800 patients in 2008, 2009, and 2010 respectively.  This year of 2011, we saw 5,700 patients within the five days of mission.  The sick, many with ailments they have had to battle with for months, and even years finally found hope and relief. Poverty was no longer a hindrance to accessing professional medical personnel, treatment, surgeries, and medicine. News of this hope travels miles and kilometers drawing people from way beyond the Bombo community to tap into this opportunity.

God-loving Christians from Bombo Pentecostal Church, Local hospitals of Mengo and Kiwoko, Operation Heal Africa based in California, and Peninsula Community Church, along with other volunteers gather to make this week happen. The love of God was shared, surgeries carried out, and health education along with HIV tests/ counseling freely offered.   The community was moved by such loving and selfless service which is rarely found in the country’s hospitals and rarely offered by the medical personnel in Government clinics and hospitals.  There’s nothing as fulfilling as freely giving of the love we have freely received from God.