Bombo Pentecostal Church, began in a living room in 1998, with 30 people. Since then, we have expanded our ministry to the towns of Kakooge, Luwero and Wobulenzi.

Our goal in each church is to see Christ exalted through our work loving and caring for people like He did. Some of Uganda’s most needy live in the villages outside of our communities, and it is our mission to reach them through providing for their spiritual and physical needs.

We spread spiritual growth through our services on Sunday mornings, as well as membership classes, discipleship classes, Bible studies and weekly community groups throughout the villages, where we share the Bible and provide those who need it with food and clothing.

We provide education through our Donela schools, where we take on many children whose lives are torn with AIDS, and cannot afford to go to school anywhere else through providing them with Life With Hope sponsorships.

We provide health care through medical missions that visit, and the funding for transportation to receive ARVs for those infected with AIDS, as well as our Life With Hope program, that supplies sick families with the nutrition they need to become strong again.

Our vision is to create a place for our local community, and the people throughout Uganda, to have their deepest needs med. We are planning to expand our school in Bombo, and are in the process of planning to lay the groundwork for a hospital, a university and a sustainable farm for research and provision for the needs of our people.